We provide an early learning environment with low student to teacher ratios. We accept all children regardless of diagnosis or special circumstances ages 6 weeks through 5 years old. We offer a tailored experience where all children have access to work on their therapy goals throughout their day.



What’s different about Emmy’s Academy?





  • A New Way to Communicate!

    Transparent lines of communication between Emmy’s Academy Care
    Team members are of the utmost importance for the development of
    each child under our special care. Each child has their own password
    protected and confidential parent portal, where all Care Team
    members can share information about the child’s education, goals,
    daily activities, and plan of treatment.


    We utilize the Lillio App to keep in constant communication. Parents have access to real-time information and a daily summary report emailed at the end of the day.

  • Much More Than Childcare

    All children at Emmy’s Academy will receive a developmentally
    appropriate, inclusive preschool education with a curriculum
    focused on addressing the four developmental domains (physical,
    emotional, social and cognitive), giving them a solid foundation to
    succeed later in their elementary school years.

    Our Special Education teacher, Linda Vogt, creates customized lessons based on the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards.

  • The Importance of Inclusion

    Creating an inclusive environment allows children of all abilities to have access to the same education, fosters understanding, teaches acceptance, and helps each student maximize their potential by providing a more authentic
    educational experience.

    Emmy’s Academy serves all children: typical and with special needs. We believe that every child
    is unique, even if they have the same diagnosis or none at all. Our highly-trained staff and
    Special Education team has experience caring for over 70 different diagnoses.

    Our current ratio is 100% children with special needs.



Enrollment & Parent Information




  • Step 1: Read through our Parent Handbook

  • Step 2: Fill out our Enrollment Questionnaire

  • Step 3: Congratulations! Your child is now on the waiting list. You will receive an email when you are invited to fill out the full enrollment paperwork. You are welcome to schedule a tour, email Kaelyn